Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip Review: Reversible MicroUSB Car Charger


With the dawn of USB Type-C upon us, some may say there’s an official light at the end of the tunnel for reversible USB cables. What if I told you there was already a solution for your MicroUSB devices? The Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip car charger is just such a device. Offering car charging with a completely reversible MicroUSB cable, this is the type of cable that may just solve one of life’s great annoyances. Keep reading this Scosche StrikeDRIVE EZTip review to see if you can cross “cable troubles” off of your list.


The Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip has the following specifications:

  • 3 ft coiled cable
  • Low profile design
  • Reversible MicroUSB charging tip
  • Slip tip design works with most phone and tablet cases
  • 12W 2.4 Amp Charger

What’s in the Box

Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip car charger – not too much else needed.

Scosche StrikeDRIVE Review


The Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip charger may look like a relatively normal charger at first glance, but that’s overlooking the most welcome of all features — a completely reversible MicroUSB charging tip. Attached to this great charging tip is a three foot length of cable, coiled down to just over one foot. For most the coiled cable will work perfectly, though in my car I prefer a straight cable. Not a deal breaker by any means, but the distance between my power outlet and my phone dock stresses the coiled cable more than I’d like. At the opposite end is the cigarette lighter plug adapter. This low-profile plug sits almost flush with your car’s dashboard, center console, glove compartment, or really wherever your cigarette lighter/power plug is located. The MicroUSB tip and the base of the adapter plug are both adorned with the Scosche logo, while the base also includes a blue LED to indicate when the charger is receiving power.

Ease of Use

Depending on where your car’s power outlet is located, you’ll hardly notice this charger is even there when it’s not drawing power. This really is a very low-profile plug and it does not stick out or get in the way. Once powered, the blue LED light will make the charger’s presence more noticeable. In my car the power outlet is in the center console, so the LED wasn’t any sort of distraction, but if your outlet is more out in the open, a small piece of electrical tape over the LED should suffice if you find it to be too bright. Otherwise, aside from my minor quibbles with the coiled cable design, this charger really couldn’t be much easier to use. The reversible MicroUSB tip really shines here, allowing you to plug in your device quickly and easily.


The 12W 2.4 Amp charger will fill up your devices quickly, allowing them to pull power at the fastest rates possible. On my typical drive home — usually around 25 to 30 minutes — I was able to juice up my Nexus 5 anywhere from 35 – 40% with no apps vying for the phone’s power. Scosche advises that the strikeDRIVE EZTip will charge the Amazon Fire tablet 35% faster than its standard charger. You should easily be able to use your phone’s navigation, and probably even stream some music while the strikeDRIVE keeps filling your battery. Except in the most power-hungry situations you should end up with more charge than when you left even while using a few apps.


The strikeDRIVE EZTip car charger retails for $24.99, which is an incredible bargain. You can currently find it even cheaper on Amazon, which makes this charger an absolute steal. The reversible MicroUSB head is really worth the price of admission on its own.

Scosche strikeDRIVE Review EZTip
That reversible tip just did not want to focus, so it’s a little blurry, sorry!

Wrap Up

Sure, USB Type C is on the horizon, but there are still loads and loads more devices still using MicroUSB. If you have not yet made the jump to a USB Type C device, you will really honestly want this charger in your life. The reversible tip in addition to the fast 12 W 2.4 Amp charging make the Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip easy to recommend.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Scosche strikeDRIVE EZTip for the purposes of this review.


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