ELEGIANT VR Shinecon Review: Alternative To Cardboard

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Virtual reality is all the rage these days, especially since Google introduced Google Cardboard along with the Cardboard app. Suddenly there are a huge amount of options for VR headsets all over the Internet. Today we look at one of those offerings, this is our ELEGIANT VR Shinecon review.


The VR Shinecon is designed much like any other VR headset with a solid build quality and decent materials. Of course you’re not buying an Oculus Rift here and at the price point I think the company produced a decent and well made product. Made from plastics, rubber, glass and foam the quality is more than acceptable and the design looks very upscale. Overall this is well designed and a good starter VR headset for those who are curious about VR and VR apps or for those who just want something nice without breaking the bank.

Ease Of Use

There’s really nothing to using the VR Shinecon other than firing up a VR app on your Android or iOS device and slapping the phone inside. There are some adjustment knobs at the top and sides to get the lenses properly set up for your smartphone screen size and of course the adjustments on the headband. Other than that there’s really nothing to setup. The VR Shincon worked with both the iPhone 6s Plus and Nexus 6P although it was a tight fit. You should note that you’ll have to remove any cases on your phone for this to work properly.



The VR Shinecon works great and in some ways is really just a step up from Google Cardboard or other cardboard VR headsets. The nice thing about the VR Shinecon is the ability to use it handsfree. With the head strap you can mount it to your head without having to hold the headset as you do with Cardboard. Your Android or iOS device is also securely held inside the headset where Cardboard has the chance that your device could slip out and get damaged. One of the things missing is a magnetic trigger like cardboard has to engage and interact with some VR apps. The optics are also a bit different from cardboard not offering a fully immersive experience although you do get the same effect just different. Overall it performed great it’s just missing a few features that some VR apps may need.


Priced at $56.65 on Amazon, $35.35 for Prime members, I think this is a pretty good value considering cardboard can run you $24 and up. There are methods to make your own cardboard VR viewer and sometimes there are opportunities where you can snag one for free. But right now, for those of you reading this review, ELEGIANT is offering up a $5 off coupon code you can use at checkout on Amazon making this $30.35 for Prime members.

Just use the coupon code 3TQTEZP7 at checkout and get your $5 off the Shinecon VR. This coupon code expires on 1/22/2016.

Wrap Up

Overall this is a great little VR headset at a reasonable price with a few advantages over the cardboard versions. With that extra $5 off it sweetens the deal a little more and makes it totally worth it. Great for those who are curious about smartphone VR apps and even for kids.

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*We were sent a review sample of the VR Shinecon for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

VR Shinecon review

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