Deadpool Gets The Ban Hammer In China


Well it looks like the merc with the mouth has just a little too much mouth, blood, gore, nudity and general R rated hijinks for the likes of China. The country itself does not have a ratings system but they do police the films that are released there. Instead of relying on a ratings system, the country dictates what movies are good for the overall public and which ones are not. Just because a movie is rated R here doesn’t mean it automatically gets the ban hammer in China. Movies that have more than the government allows will sometimes be edited for content. Of course editing Deadpool would severely interfere with the entire movie as the mouth, blood, gore, nudity and general hijinks are Deadpool incarnate.

The hardcore fans of Deadpool were very vocal when there was talk about making this film, many threatened not to see the film if it did not carry an R rating. Thankfully the studio listened to the fans and the new movie is R rated and if the trailers are any indication, it should be awesome. The problem the studio now faces is not getting distribution and faces in front of the film. This ban hammer is going to affect the studio’s gross on the film and that really kind of sucks.

Cinemablend reports that superhero movies usually do good numbers in China (Antman pulled in $100 million) so this could be a blow to the pocketbook of the studio. We’re hoping it’s not that big of a blow that it would affect possible future Deadpool films or films in the same genre. China is not the only country that censors films imported into the country. There are others countries who may take similar steps and ban hammer Deadpool.

What do you think of Deadpool getting the ban hammer in China? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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