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Is Microsoft Abandoning The Lumia Name?

It appears that Microsoft will be using 2016 as a transition year for its smartphone division, since the upcoming Lumia 650 will be the last of its kind. With Apple and Android leading the pack, the Windows phone is in need of a game changer on the mobile front and phasing out the Lumia line seems to be their first step.

The Lumia 650 will be the last in the line of mid-range phones that will be unlikely to “wow” anyone from a specifications standpoint. Set for a February 1 release, this Windows phone may serve as an underwhelming finale to a series with a few standouts in its history.

With Mobile World Congress coming in late February, it is clear that Microsoft is content with taking a background role while the perennial heavy hitters take center stage at the event. While Samsung, LG, and Sony are preparing to make headlines, Microsoft will be planning their next step on the smartphone front.

The end of the Lumia will signal the beginning of the next generation of Windows phones. The company plans on starting a new flagship under the Surface line that served as an innovator in the field of tablets and laptops.

The new Surface smartphone is reportedly going to be labeled the “Panos phone,” but not much else is known outside of the plans for it to replicate the Surface’s impact in its respective field. Perhaps Microsoft’s “low key” presence at MWC 2016 will include more information about their next attempted game changer.

Until then, Windows fans await the quiet release of the Lumia 650, which will be the eulogy for the flagship brand of the bronze medal smartphone operating system.

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  Source: Gizmodo
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