SplashData Releases Worst Passwords Of 2015

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Passwords are a way of life now, from checking your email, your bank account, your social media, or just logging into your computer at home.  Chances are you will run across a time that you have to put in a password at least once a day and this isn’t a new phenomenon.  Since this has been around for a while it is still kind of mind boggling when you see the list of the worst passwords that SplashData releases every year.  Their list this year comes from going through over 2 million leaked passwords from the past year to find the losers of the bunch.

RankPasswordChange from 2014
312345678Up 1
4qwertyUp 1
512345Down 2
7footballUp 3
81234Down 1
91234567Up 2
10baseballDown 2
13abc123Up 1
14111111Up 1
16dragonDown 7
17masterUp 2
18monkeyDown 6
19letmeinDown 6

It is almost hard to believe that with how common passwords are now these are still all very common choices to use.  I find it hard to believe that sites will even allow passwords like “solo” to be used.  I can’t remember the last time I went to create a password and wasn’t told it had to be at least 8 characters with numbers, letters, and symbols.  It actually bothers me when I can’t use certain symbols when making passwords on some websites.

I have the guest password for my WiFi at my house pretty simple but still complex enough that no one can guess it.  If you want to come over and use my guest WiFi network feel free.  “The password is password.” is the actual password that I have set up for my guest network.  I’m sure that is almost worthy to be on the list but at least it is 25 characters, not 4.  Also, I’m not try to protect my bank account information with that password and give it out to anyone who comes over who wants to jump on my WiFi.

Every time I hear about how bad passwords are that people make I can’t help but to think about the old xkcd comic about password strength.  This seems like something that should be taught in school since passwords like this are still being used.  Hopefully lists like this will prompt people to make better passwords in the future. If you are using any of the passwords above, please, stop and make a better, more secure password for your own security.

 Source:  SplashData

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