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CES 2016 is such a massive show with thousands and thousands of different new tech, old tech and re imagined tech, so it’s not easy picking some of the top choices from such a huge event. Of course our crew is very small so we only have so many days and hours on top of meetings and other things to check everything CES has to offer out. Here are what we think were some of the top companies and products to watch out for in the next year.

Master & Dynamic Audio

We’ve been doing a fair amount of audio and headphone reviews lately here on Techaeris and many of the offerings we have used are great. Master & Dynamic were new to us in 2015 and we reviewed the MW60’s which we thought were stellar! The M&D’s were our first venture into audio priced above $400 and we were not disappointed. We had the chance to meet with M&D in a private meeting to see their entire line of audio gear and experience the sound. We have a post up detailing what’s happening with M&D in 2016 but there is more to come that we cannot divulge at this time. Master & Dynamic make it to our list of top companies and products to watch in 2016.

Here Active Listening From Doppler Labs

Moving on to a company that also does audio but in a whole different way. Here Active Listening isn’t about the music coming from your device but it’s about the sounds in your environment. Doppler Labs mission is to give everyone a personal equalizer they can adjust at will for any room or situation they’re in. Their earbuds allow you to compensate for the sound of a baby screaming or for the loud drone of a packed room like CES. You can even adjust the equalization when you attend a concert or a movie. Check out the video below for more. Here earns a spot on our list of top companies and products to watch in 2016.

ROLI Seaboard RISE

ROLI is thinking outside the box when it comes to music creation, and their Seaboard RISE device is certainly a huge step. Pliable, pressure-sensitive keywaves take the place of keys on a traditional keyboard. The sensor-embedded keywave surface lets you shape sound through touch. Three faders let you fine-tune the responsiveness of the surface to touch. You can control sound and make music through Five Dimensions of Touch: striking the keywaves, pressing into them, gliding sideways along them, sliding up and down the keywaves, and lifting off. Check out the videos below and the Seaboard RISE earns a spot on our list of top products to watch in 2016.

Lenovo Yoga 900s

We’ve had the opportunity to review much of Lenovo’s 2015 lineup and we’re excited to start reviewing their 2016 lineup now. Their YOGA 900 series has always impressed us and they’ve done another great job with the 900s. As a result of using carbon fiber for the YOGA 900S, this convertible laptop comes in at 12.8mm (0.5″) thick and weighs only 999g (2.2lbs). With a battery life that boasts up to 10.5 hours of video playback, the convertible laptop’s 360-degree watchband hinge with four modes allows users to use the laptop in tablet, stand, tent, or laptop mode. The YOGA 900S also features Dolby Audio Premium and comes with an optional 12.5″ QHD (2560×1440) screen, and supports the optional active pen for artists and note-takers. The Lenovo YOGA 900s earns a spot on our list of top products to watch in 2016.

Baron Biosystems Bio-Shift

Baron Biosystems is working on a Bluetooth Bio-Shift device for use with bicycles that looks to be very promising. Bioshift, a patent-pending intelligent gear selection system, determines the optimal gear for a cyclist, in real-time, based on their specific athletic characteristics and fatigue, constantly optimizing to provide the most efficient gear. By providing the cyclist with the most efficient gear, cyclists receive the benefits of reduced fatigue and energy consumption and the most comfortable riding experience. The Bio-Shift system earns a spot on our list of top products to watch in 2016.

Ziro Robotics

Ziro is a modular robotics kit made up of individual mechanized motor modules that are controlled by a wireless smart glove. Design and construct your robots out of any material you have available including our pre-made starter kits. Attach the Ziro modules to animate your creations using continuous rotational or hinge movements. Use the smartphone app to configure the modules using the pre-made programming templates or input your own custom gestures. Control your creations remotely using the Ziro smart glove. Your hand gestures send commands to the modules so that when you move, they move. Ziro Robotics earns a spot on our list of top companies and products to watch in 2016.

There you have it! Just a small handful of what we saw at CES 2016, there’s so much more and as we grow through this year we hope to bring you even more at CES 2017!

Last Updated on February 14, 2017.


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