Megadeth Pairs VR, Metal On New Album Dystopia


When you think of the band Megadeth, you probably think of Dave Mustaine’s vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and an overall metal experience. With the band’s newest release Dystopia, you can add Virtual Reality to the band’s resume. The album, which went on sale yesterday, includes a special edition that comes with its own Google Cardboard VR viewer for a more immersive experience. After downloading an app and entering a code from the packaging of the cd, listeners will unlock a series of five videos from Dystopia.

Craig Rosen from Yahoo Music had an opportunity to sit down with Mustaine, as well as actor/director Blair Underwood, and founder/CEO of Next Galaxy Mary Spio to talk about this melding of metal and VR.

You might not expect Megadeth, a thrash band that’s been recording for three decades, to be at the forefront of technology, but you’d be wrong. Mustaine happily points out that Megadeth launched the first-ever band website ever back in 1994. “There wasn’t any band site prior to that,” he enthuses.

In the Megadeth VR experience, users can watch a series of five videos from songs on the new album – “Fatal Illusion,” “Dystopia,” The Threat Is Real,“ “Poisonous Shadows,” and “Post American World.” The Virtual Reality experience extends not only from the performance of the band, where you’ll have to move your field of vision to see the entirety of the performance, but into the music videos themselves. At one point you’ll find yourself in a torture chamber, for example.

Mustaine sees VR as a perfect way to move forward and do something different, something he sees as vitally important to keep yourself relevant as a band:

You almost have to reinvent yourself every CD, every DVD. Every offering of product that you give to the audience, you have to do something new — quicker, better, faster, grander, more. And this is about as new, quicker, better, faster, grander as you can get right now. I don’t know anyone else doing this exact thing right now.

You can read more about Yahoo Music’s hands-on with Megadeth’s Dystopia VR at the source link below. What do you think about the combination of metal and VR? Are you interesting in picking up Dystopia to see what the VR is all about? Tell us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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