Dangerous Golf Coming In May From Burnout Creators

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The minds behind Burnout have announced that Dangerous Golf, their first game, will be due out in May on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Alex Ward, co-founder of Criterion Games whose repertoire included the insanely fun Burnout series complete with crash modes, went on to co-found Three Fields Entertainment in 2014. Ward describes Dangerous Golf as being like Burnout‘s Crash Mode.

In Dangerous Golf, gamers will be able to smash four areas — a gas station, kitchen, palace ballroom, and medieval castle — with a golf ball. Perform trick shots for higher scores, and turn your golf ball into a bomb which allows you to then use your “SmashBreaker” for even more destruction.

“Setting the ball on fire had to be a part of it,” Ward said. “We started with golf is boring, golfers are boring and golf games can be boring, unless it’s Leaderboard Golf on the Commodore 64, which was awesome. So we said, what’s a bit of Burnout, a bit of Black and a bit of NBA Jam? What does that look like on next-generation hardware? That’s how it started.”

The game will feature couch co-op, which will allow two players to play together within the same scene.

“In the co-op mode in this game you can play with your wife in the same scene. So you’re truly playing together and you have one score. So if you go first and you get 47,900, she’s then carrying on in that scene you’ve smashed.”

If the screenshots are any indication, Dangerous Golf should be a lot of fun, and as Ward points out, the game is only the first in a series of games that Three Fields Entertainment has planned which focus on danger, speed, excitement, and destruction.

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