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Just In Case iPhone Case Records Calls And Conversations


Just in Case (JIC), a company out of Tel Aviv, has announced a new iPhone case that has the ability to instantly record any call or in-person conversation with a simple press of a button. In conjunction with the announcement, JIC launched their Indiegogo campaign with a funding goal of $25,000USD which features limited early bird specials of $29.99 for a single case.

The iPhone case allows users to start a recording at any point during a call using a simple 2-button interface. The case can also function as an incognito stand-alone recorder that can record in-person conversations.

“JIC was born out of a clear and compelling need to provide a solution to the iPhone’s greatest weakness – recording conversations in real time,” said John Davis, director of strategy at Just in Case. “Almost 1 billion iPhones are in circulation in the world and none of them are able to easily record conversations. We invested a full year of development in order to create the ultimate iPhone complement and now we are thrilled to finally provide users the opportunity to complete their iPhone.”

“With app or conference call solutions, users have to connect to an external server prior to recording,” said Oshri Farhat, CEO at Just in Case.  “In fact, most times you want to record, you don’t realize this in advance.  With Just in Case, users can instantly record 100’s of hours of conversations whenever they want.”

Just in Case features a self-contained battery for up to eight hours of recording time and a microSD card slot with an included 2GB microSD card. Each high-quality recording is stored on a log file on the microSD card so iPhone storage isn’t used.


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  Just In Case Indiegogo Campaign
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