PT Telkom Indonesia Blocking Netflix For Pornographic Content


Indonesia’s largest Internet service provider PT Telkom Indonesia has pulled the plug on Netflix citing pornographic content. Users in Indonesia were ecstatic when they learned that Netflix would be offering its services in the area but PT Telkom did not share the same sentiment. The ISP started blocking Netflix from all the companies platforms effective yesterday at 12am. The company gave three distinct reasons Netflix was being blocked from their platform two of which were very surprising.

Dian Rachmawan, Telkom’s Director of Consumers, said the ban was put in place due to Netflix not following the country’s broadcast laws and for having violent and”pornographic” content, Indo Telko reports. The exec did not specify which content the company found to be overly violent or indecent.

Earlier this week, the American company was given a one month ultimatum by the Indonesian government to comply with broadcaster regulations, which include the setting up of a local office, paying of taxes and the hiring of local staff, according to Tech in Asia.

Netflix could face similar push back in other countries. It plans on launching in 130 new countries total, and many share the same view as Indonesia. Dian Rachmawan, PT Telkom’s Director of Consumers also said that Netflix is a very small company in Indonesia and PT Telkom will teach them how to “follow the rules.”

What do you think of Indonesia’s largest ISP putting the ban hammer down on Netflix for pornographic and violent content? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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