Google’s Search Chief Amit Singhal Is Retiring


It’s always sad to see an employee leave the company you’re working for, or hearing about a person retiring from said company to move on to better and greater things. Amit Singhal, the search chief for Google is getting ready to hang up his Google badge as he will be retiring, but his position will be filled by John Giannandrea, a man who has worked with AI technology.

Amit Singhal has been with Google since 2000 and has been the guy to work with on the technical development of the search engine. All the improvements and advancements was overseen by Amit, which helped Google search times become faster and smarter along with running on mobile devices we currently use today. Singhal did post on his Google+ account about his retirement and left a nice message behind. Singhal’s last day will be February 26th.

When I started, who would have imagined that in a short period of fifteen years, we would tap a button, ask Google anything and get the answer. My dream Star Trek computer is becoming a reality, and it is far better than what I ever imagined.

With John Giannandrea taking this position, the search engine might become ever more than what it is now considering Google is looking more into artificial intelligence. John co-founded a company called Metaweb Technologies which Google acquired back in 2010. Giannandrea oversaw AI efforts such as RankBrain, the AI neural network that boosted the accuracy of results and was also behind Smart Reply that automatically writes responses to emails you have received.

With John having a background in AI and as Google is getting more into artificial intelligence, CEO Sundar Pichai left a statement about searches on mobile devices and personal assistants.

This comes thanks to our years of investments in areas like natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge graph and other areas. The next wave will be powered by big advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, an area where we believe we lead the industry.

What are your thoughts about John Giannandrea taking the reigns for Amit Singhal as search chief? Let us know by leaving your comment below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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