Graze Uses Algorithms To Make Your Perfect Snack Box


Whether you’re working late from home or binge watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones at some point you might want a snack to settle the “rumbly tumbly.” The pantry is filled with Cheetos, Chex Mix and microwave popcorn not exactly the healthiest choices. This is where Graze helps you make good snack choices that fit your dietary needs. Graze delivers high quality healthy snacks to your door every week for $11.99 and you can customize the experience by going through their initial setup stage. Once you tell Graze what you’re allergic to, what foods you’re avoiding and what foods you hate, like or love they take it from there and send you a mixed box each week.

Graze, the subscription snack service, utilizes an algorithm that custom chooses snacks for you, saving you from crazy lines, wasted time and hopeless indecision. Boasting 100+ different types of snacks and 4.9 million different combinations of snack selections, Graze uses a proprietary Artificial intelligence algorithm called DARWIN (short for Decision Algorithm Rating What Ingredient’s Next) to curate and deliver boxes based on stock and each customer’s personal taste and dietary preferences.

The nice thing is you can always edit or modify your settings so if you don’t like a snack, you can trash it. Or if your dietary plan has changed you can note that in your account. You can also edit any incoming box before it gets shipped, there is a window of time that must be done in. Graze probably isn’t for everyone, some people just prefer going to the store and doing it themselves. But I can see where some people might find it easier to use this service and eliminate the chances of buying crappy snacks when they’re at the grocery store.

What do you think about Graze? Something you would use? You can hit the link below to check out their service and order your first Graze box.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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