Is Trouble Brewing At GitHub? Internal Issues Causing Strife


Popular code repository GitHub seems to be having problems. News has started to leak out that there’s a bit of a power struggle between executives and employees of the company. At the center of it all? How GitHub should move into the future and continue to effectively monetize itself.

Reports coming from Business Insider by way of The Information speak of internal struggles regarding the future of the company. On the execs side, the opinion that the company should focus squarely on Enterprise clients that will bring in significantly more money. The employees? Continue to focus on indie developers and keep the company’s laid-back style and attitude.

While most small developers can use GitHub for free, the company has been profitable. Not even considering the money raised through VC funding, GitHub is on pace to make over $25 million this quarter. Not too shabby, but not the type of money that the aforementioned VC funders would like to see coming in. That sort of money will come from Enterprise clients, and that type of focus will require a much more regimented corporate hierarchy.

With that focus on Enterprise comes a very stringent requirement of uptime and a solid platform for business. Even with its current focus, users expect a lot out of the company.  Business Insider delves into just how much is expected:

It’s become so important to its 13 million users that if GitHub goes down, the software development world practically stops. In fact, on Wednesday, GitHub posted a lengthy and public apology to explain what happened during a well-publicized two-hour outage of the site two weeks ago.

In most instances, businesses will expect quite a lot more. They can contractually require uptime, as well as seek legal recourse if those contractually obligated targets are not met.

At this point it’s too early to see how everything at GitHub will shake out, but they’ll want to figure themselves out quickly as there are competitors that are looking to take advantage of the troubles at GitHub. Like sharks when there’s blood in the water, big companies like Atlassian as well as little startups such as GitLab are undoubtedly hoping to see these troubles continue. You can read more about this issue in greater detail at the source links below.

Do you use GitHub? Have you seen any signs of struggle or issues in your use? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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