Destiny Player Made It To Level 40 Playing Only The First Mission

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It’s been some time since I’ve played Destiny, mainly because I don’t have time anymore and it’s all repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game when I have the chance to play it, but just for this reason, I may play it again. One player named SurfaBoy has spent a total of 98 hours playing just the first mission in the game and reached level 40. Dedication folks.

SerfaBoy took to Reddit and explained how he reached level 40, but it was more of an experiment. SerfaBoy goes on to explain the process on what you need to do each and every single time you get to a certain point in the first mission. You pretty much kill all enemies in sight, but once you reach Rahn, the boss of that mission, don’t kill him, just leave the game as “Go to Orbit” is not an option. Once you leave the game, restart the first mission and continue the process over and over. By level 8 SerfaBoy tried to do something different by going back to the start of the mission and kill every enemy again. The user went back to the beginning (on foot of course) and was not welcomed to any enemies to destroy. What did happen after passing a certain point though, a Ketch ship did drop off some enemies to defeat.

After SerfaBoy kept killing enemies he started to panic as each enemy went down in XP eventually thinking each kill would give out 1XP. This wasn’t the case as SerfaBoy tested it out on a level 40 character he already made. Once he found out there’s a fixed amount of XP per kill after leveling up, he went on to create his own XP value table for reference. All in all, a table was created, math was done, and 98 hours later, level 40 was reached.

Here’s the full story if you want to learn more. The video below shows SerfaBoy leveling up only during the first mission.

If you’re a little bored of Destiny at the moment, have the time, and an extra slot to create a new character, would you ever try to reach level 40 on just the first mission? Let us know by leaving your comment down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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