Amaterasu Finally Arrives On SMITE For Xbox One


Due to the holidays and the Smite World Championship the updates for SMITE on Xbox One have fallen a little bit behind their usual time frame of being released shortly after the PC patch.  Today is the last of the season 2 patches adding the new Japanese pantheon with their first god Amaterasu making her debut on Xbox.  

Amaterasu is a warrior designed to be a bruiser and can take some hits while dishing out a decent amount of damage.  With the addition of the Japanese pantheon there is a small mini-odyssey that will be going on to welcome the Japanese into the fray.  The first two skins that are available in this Rising Dawn event will be harajuku Neith and kaiju Sobek.

harajuku Neith
harajuku Neith

Aside from the addition of the game’s 72nd god there were some very minor tweaks to things Medusa and Thor say and how Ymir’s footprints look.  There are six new achievements that were added in the 2.21 update as well.  Two for Poseidon, Xing Tian, and Kehpri.  Some additional skins that are added are Poseidon’s king of the deep, polaris Sol, a tier two Isis skin that adds a helmet, and yet another exclusive skin for Mercury, shaolin fury.  Xing Tian is also finally getting his mastery skins if you want to be golden, legendary, or diamond.

The SMITE developers have said that they are trying to get Xbox One players back to about 3 weeks behind PC.  At this point we’re still a bit more behind than that but they seem to be trying to catch up as quickly as they can.  In the beginning of March Xbox players will be seeing the major update that will usher in season 3 with the multitude of item changes and the removal of active items by replacing them with relics.  It will also bring with it the new Chinese themed joust map and tweaked conquest map layout.  After that they have said they will be combining two PC patches with each Xbox patch in order to get Xbox more caught up.

Are you playing SMITE on Xbox One? Are you looking forward to the new additions? Let us know in the comments section below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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