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Bluetooth speakers are kind of a staple review item here at Techaeris and frankly there are days when you just want to pass on the next Bluetooth speaker review. Such was the case with triby. When I first saw the email from the triby PR representative I was ready to respond thanks but no thanks. But I didn’t and I’m kind of glad that I chose to take it for a spin because there’s more to triby than meets the ear.


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The design of this device took some time to grow on me but I got used to it after a few uses. It’s a minimal but utilitarian design with very few bells and whistles, just the basics and that’s kind of the point. Made from sturdy metals and plastics the device doesn’t feel cheap at all. It feels substantial and looks like it could take a good spill like a champ. I think the design could go either way for most people, and I believe if you buy it you’ll eventually get used to it.

Ease of Use

Dead simple to use with easy to follow instructions the triby uses an app as its primary interaction platform. Just download the app, sign up for an account, turn on the device, and pair via Bluetooth or WiFi. Once you have that set up you just need to go in the app and choose your radio presets from the dozens of options offered in app. You can also assign the call buttons. In our case we made them mommy and daddy’s phones. To make a phone call to the triby you open the app and call from in the app, this uses your WiFi connection when you’re not on mobile so that’s a nice thing to have.

On the other end, the person with the triby can call you by pressing the call button and you’ll get an app notification and answer from within the app. You can also stream your music from Spotify and other streaming services to the device. One of the nicer things about the device is the interactive doodles or notifications. You can draw a message in the app and send it to triby’s ink screen and the small yellow flag will pop out indicating you have a message. Push the flag in to show the sender the message was received and then reply with preset emoticons. Oh, did I mention the strong magnet on the back allowing this to be mounted on your fridge? Overall this is dead simple to use and really a great family tool more than anything.

Currently the triby is iOS only but Invoxia is working on an Android version of the app as well.


The sound is acceptable, there are other music specific Bluetooth speakers on the market that have better sound but triby is more than just music. That being said, the sound is acceptable but don’t expect audiophile quality here.

Reception/Call Quality

Excellent reception and call quality and probably my wife’s favorite feature. Being able to reach me via triby over WiFi without having to pull a phone out is really a great convenience for her.

Battery Life

Invoxia advertises up to one month battery life and it really depends on how much you use it of course. I was able to get just around 20 days on a charge under a lot of use so these numbers will vary from user to user.



Ringing in at $199 this one is really going to be subjective as to what you want to use triby for, what functions hold value to you, and whether or not something else can do the same thing cheaper.

Wrap Up

The triby is a great little device for a family communication hub if you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, although the price is a little high end.

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*We were sent a triby for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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