Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Are Now Manga Characters

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Most of our readers here will certainly know Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the two Steves who started Apple Computers in a garage decades ago. Following Steve Jobs’ death in October 2011, there have been a series of books, including the official biography by Walter Isaacson, and movies such as Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, and more recently, Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender. Now, the story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is making its way to another medium – comics, specifically Japanese comics, which are called Manga.

The Manga is called Steves and focuses on both the, well, Steves that were involved in creating Apple. Many people who were involved either directly or indirectly with the founding and rise of Apple also make an appearance, such as Steve Jobs’ family members, Mike Markkula, Daniel Kottke etc.

Mangas are all about over the top story-lines and visuals, so you can certainly expect to see some exaggerations that are typical of Japanese comics. Mangas also need the big, bad villain and that of course is Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and considered by many to be Steve Jobs’ biggest rival, though many also place him as one of Jobs’ friends.


There are thousands and thousands of Mangas and they cover a variety of topics, from ninjas to pirates to alchemists to notebooks which can kill anyone whose name is written in them. There is certainly no shortage of ideas in the world of Manga and now, we also have one based entirely on tech. You can check out the official website for Steves here, though be warned, the site is mostly in Japanese. The creators have also made some chapters available for reading for free, though once again, you’re stuck with Japanese. If you’re new to Manga you may want to brush up on how to read it. We’ve got you covered with our very own guide. It’ll certainly be interesting to read up on Steve Jobs in this new format and I can’t wait for the scanlations to come out!

Do you need more Apple in your Manga? Will you be hunting down translated copies of the issues when they’re released? Tell us what you think in the comment section below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on December 29, 2016.


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