Post-Apocalyptic Adventure The Descendant Coming March 24


Gaming Corps is set to launch their post-apocalyptic narrative adventure where players solve puzzles, explore the dangerous underground facility, and discover a far greater conspiracy buried within the subterranean Ark complex. The Descendant is a five part episodic adventure game series where the end of the world is only the start.

Taking place across two timelines, in the past you’ll play as Mia, a janitor tasked with keeping the precious descendants housed within Ark-01 alive while the facility continually fails around her, and in the present, you’ll play as Donnie, one of the investigators trying to rescue any surviving descendants trapped within, all while discovering a far greater conspiracy buried within the underground Ark complex. Every action and choice you make directly impacts who lives and who dies, leaving the fate of Ark-01, and mankind itself, in your hands. Will you save mankind? Or doom us all?

Features of The Descendant include:

  • An episodic adventure spreading across multiple story-rich timelines
  • Investigative gameplay, challenging puzzles, tense action sequences
  • Meaningful and difficult choices with branching dialogue
  • A tailored experience, full of tension and drama
  • Every player choice can influence the future of mankind

Gaming Corps has also released an interesting video showcasing some of the events leading up to the end of the world as we know it.

The first of five episodes of The Descendant will be available on Steam starting March 24 for $3.99 USD. An “Exclusive Season 1 Bundle” priced $14.99 USD is available now from the game’s official website until 48 hours before the first episode releases. This pre-launch bundle includes all five episodes of the game (with episodes 2 -5 to be released over the course of 2016), grants players 48-hours early access to each episode, and features a full game Soundtrack, a Digital Poster and a Digital Art Book.


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