Privoro Privacy Guard Promises To Secure Your iPhone


Privoro Privacy Guard is a new device that is promising to secure your iPhone 6/6s and maintain your digital privacy. With the recent Apple VS FBI squall that has kicked up privacy is once again on the radar of many consumers. While Apple and the FBI continue to wrestle and fight over whether or not a backdoor will be opened on the iPhone, Privoro is working on a Spring release of the Privoro Privacy Guard device. Here’s what Mike Fong, CEO of Privoro had to say.

“The battle between the government and Apple is the next step in an inevitable showdown around if privacy will exist in the digital age. When complete, people will know that the ways they use, the information gathered by and the sensitive information put into electronic devices is safe and secure or they will know that the government (and thus others, be they oppressive regimes, hackers or other parties with malicious intent) will be able to access all of it. They will also know if governments and legal authorities will be able to compel any entity or individual to help them get such info, be it for reasons large or small or for misdeeds past or projected.

Privoro Privacy Guard

The implications are staggering. On the one hand, bad apples may become harder to detect, but on the other, people and businesses will no longer trust their electronic devices. The technology industry, which has enabled such profound productivity, economic and societal gains over the past several decades would become suspect, chilling adoption and driving a fundamental re-evaluation of its use.

From my perspective as the CEO of Privoro, a company founded on the principle of protecting privacy and confidential information, the choice is clear. The slippery slope to NO privacy is too dangerous to tread and we must not walk down a path where we erode the foundation which makes what the authorities are working so hard to protect valuable in the first place.” – Mike Fong, Founder & CEO of Privoro

  • ​​Full protection from all RF sources when cover is on, including Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC & RFID
  • Sophisticated, active audio jammers for each microphone prevent apps and others from recording you and those around you
  • Complete camera blocking to prevent pictures and videos from being taken of you and your surroundings
  • 48-72 hours of battery life – with Active Audio Masking engaged
  • Ability to simultaneously charge your privacy guard and phone while still providing full RF protection (cover on)
  • Textured grip for easy cover removal
  • Native access to all of the buttons on your phone

The Privoro Privacy Guard isn’t a cheap device nor is it a slim device by any means. Coming in at $999 and adding a significant amount of bulk to your phone this might be a hard sell for the company, even with so many privacy matters in the news.

So how much is your privacy worth? Would you buy the Privacy Guard? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

Privoro Privacy Guard

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