Latest Apple Ally Is Google Nexus 6P Maker Huawei


The battle between the FBI and Apple over unlocking an iPhone 5c is still raging on and Apple is standing its ground with no signs of budging. Over the past few days, many have come out to support Apple’s stance, including former NSA director Michael Hayden. Huawei, maker of the Google Nexus 6P, has just announced their support of Apple’s efforts to keep the FBI from forcing them to hack the phone.

Consumer privacy is key for smartphone makers, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s fast-growing consumer devices division, told Bloomberg Television on Sunday. Huawei becomes one of the first major Asian technology companies to speak out on a debate that has galvanized an industry long resistant to government efforts to gain access to data in criminal cases.

“It’s the top one, the most important thing to the consumer. We should really protect the consumer’s privacy and security,” said Yu, who was at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil Huawei’s first laptop. “Personally, I support Apple’s, Tim Cook’s idea.”

New information about the iPhone 5c in question also arose over the weekend with Apple claiming the FBI ruined its one chance at breaking into the phone without special software. According to Apple, one of the FBI’s agents reset the iPhone and thus made it impossible for the data to be retrieved. Apple was assisting the FBI in trying to get the data from the phone but once they found out about the reset of the phone, they knew there wasn’t an easy way to get in.


This case is going to be a battle to the finish but it appears technology companies are siding with Apple in the matter and now we’ll see what move the government makes next.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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