Watch Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Get Up From A Fall


Robots aren’t going to be down at the local grocery store stocking store shelves anytime soon but the technology continues to grow and make impressive strides. Boston Dynamics Atlas robot recently demonstrated just how far robotics have come and where they’re heading. This Atlas is the “next generation” of the robot. Previous versions were much more rough around the edges and the evolution of the robot is amazing. In the video, provided by Boston Dynamics, Atlas does an amazing job of walking on uneven terrain without a tether as well as in the snow. At one point Atlas loses balance and the correction is pretty amazing. Check out the full video below.

Possibly the coolest part of that video is watching Atlas pick itself up from being pushed over on its face. Another very interesting observation, and I am sure it’s part of its program, is the proper bending technique used by Atlas. Bending down to pick up objects should be done a certain way to prevent injury and many humans do it improperly, yet Atlas nails it. Robotics technology is making huge strides and applications for the technology are vast, from helping the elderly to jobs too dangerous for humans. The debate about robots taking over human jobs is also bound to come up, and that is likely to happen, but as the tech grows and matures humans need to grow as well.

What do you think of Atlas, the next generation? Let us know your thoughts on that as well as robotics technology in general in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Last Updated on March 22, 2018.


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