Google Working With Vizio On Chromecast TVs?


The Google Chromecast has become one of the best streaming media devices on the market and now we could be seeing Chromecast TVs. According to Engadget, Google might be in talks with Vizio to make Chromecast TVs which would also come with an Android tablet type controller. Streaming content is arguably the future of media consumption and this could be an excellent opportunity for both companies to expand on the market. It’s not clear if a Vizio Chromecast TV would have Chromecast baked into the system or it might still rely on a detachable dongle. Part of the allure of Chromecast is the portability of the device, being able to take it with you just about anywhere you have a TV with HDMI and WiFi is a huge selling point.

Users have asked for a lighter (or non-existent) smart TV experience, and switching to casting with smarts offloaded to a tablet, or phone, might be the best way to do that. Android TVs already support casting, but including the functionality of the popular dongle in brand news TVs should get the tech in front of more people.

Google isn’t afraid to experiment, we’ve seen that before, they’ve been trying to make Android TV work but it hasn’t taken off as hoped. Incorporating Chromecast into a TV might be a great way to get Google Play, streaming and Android in front of more people. Of course this has yet to be confirmed so we could very well be wasting our breath but we can always hope for such a thing.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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