Dirty Unicorns Releases Official Marshmallow Builds

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There are dozens of custom ROMs out there. Dirty Unicorns is one such custom ROM that has a pretty large following, and today the developers have announced that they’re making the Marshmallow versions available.

Dirty Unicorns is by no means the first to launch Marshmallow builds. Some of the OEMs have already pushed out Marshmallow to their devices, something that would have raised quite a few eyebrows a couple of years ago. But the developers of Dirty Unicorns say that they wanted to ensure they got it right and that they conducted some rigorous testing with the help of the members of their Google+ community.

Although it seems like every ROM under the sun has released 100 builds before us; we wanted to make sure we got it right. We didn’t want the “ME FIRST” award. With the help of many testers in the G+ community; I think we can say that we’ve done a great job!

The developers have also brought out some unique, new features. The official blog post highlights a couple of them.


“Fling” is a gesture based navigation feature; like nothing else you’ve seen in Android. You are able to assign gestures to everything. From an application (chrome, youtube, angry birds, etc); to an app’s activity; to contacts; a settings shortcut; or to many custom actions that we have provided.

Fling allows you to assign custom gestures at a system level, which is really cool. Most people had to rely on third party launchers or other apps, which never work as well as something built into the OS. You can check out the demo video released for Fling below.



“SmartBar” is a one of kind navigation feature. You can assign up to 7 targets on phones and up to 10 on tablets. By default, “SmartBar” looks and feels the same as the AOSP navigation bar. If you don’t add targets or change any of the settings, you won’t notice any difference.

SmartBar is another cool feature that allows you to mod your navigation bar, something beyond just adding an extra icon or changing the height of the bar. The developers have released a demo video for SmartBar too, which you can find below.


Dirty Unicorns is also packing a bunch of other features, including the CM Theme Engine, Pulse (which puts some neat visualisations in your nav bar while playing music), and all your other bog standard customisation features. With this release, Dirty Unicorns is certainly proving that it’s not just another custom ROM. Hit up their website to grab the download for your device!

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