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Some days we have issues with the computers, PCs, or phones we use and unfortunately have to call that manufacturer’s tech support to get any kind of assistance. The wait time can feel like ages before you finally get a human, and if you do end up getting someone, they’ll ask you to go through steps that you’ve already done and let them know about. Well, Apple is here to possibly kill that wait time for any sort of help.

Today Apple has created a new Twitter account called @AppleSupport and it’s going to help you with tips and tricks along with helping you out with any issue you may have with your Apple product. Less than three hours after Apple Support was created, it accumulated 36,000 followers. There are tweets on the account already from giving out tips and tricks and people have already taken advantage of asking questions and getting responses back either by links to Apple’s website or asking to direct message for better assistance. If you have a simple question or issue, send a tweet to the account or if you have a more complicated problem, direct message the account as Apple will need more details. With the direct messages you’ll be able to bypass the 140 character limit which is most helpful for extensive messages.

Apple already has other Twitter accounts such as Apple Music, App Store, Beats1 radio station, and iTunes. There’s a support account for Apple Music, but this newer account from Apple is the first dedicated Twitter account to help people with their problems.

If you don’t want to use Twitter, you don’t have to. You know you still have the Apple store to travel to or you can call in. Are you already following @AppleSupport? If so, have you already asked a question? Let us know by leaving your comment down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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