Sony To Launch Venom Movie And Franchise

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Ten years. Apparently that is the length of time it takes to get over the horrific third installment of the Sam Raimi-helmed Spider-Man trilogy and its complete disregard of one of the most iconic Marvel villain-tuned-antiheroes, Venom. Sony has finally decided that we have healed enough to take another  cinematic stab at the alien symbiote that made Spider-Man’s life a nightmare for so many entertaining years.

Courtesy of One of The Worst Movies Ever
Courtesy of One of The Worst Movies Ever

Venom was actually created by Randy Schueller, a comic book fan from Illinois; purchased by Marvel; and then molded into the creature he would become by David Michelinie, Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane. The alien first appeared in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (1984) as an alternate costume for Peter Parker, but would not become an integral villain until it was discarded by Parker and attached itself to a disgruntled Eddie Brock in The Amazing Spider-Man #299, finally making a full and grandiose entrance that would forever shape the Spider-Man universe in The Amazing Spider-Man #300.

Courtesy of Marvel Worldwide Inc.
Courtesy of Marvel Worldwide Inc.

Since then, Venom has gone through a number of hosts (including everyone’s current favorite smart-mouth, Deadpool) and role changes, eventually mellowing out of pure villainy and becoming more of an anti-hero. There is no word on which version of the perpetually snarling malefactor Sony will be going with but one can only hope that they at least start with the original homicidal, out-to-kill-Spider-Man, bad ass. I mention the “start” because Sony is not just planning one film. They intend to start an entire franchise based on the once evildoer. Details are scarce and there will undoubtably be many alterations still ahead, but writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool) were at one point attached to the project with Dante Harper currently listed on IMDB as head scribe. Avi Arad is overseeing the project which is to be expected, and that means this could be as good as Blade or X-Men, or as terrible as X-Men: The Last Stand, Blade: Trinity and the aforementioned Spider-Man 3 (what is it with this guy and awful triquels?)There is also no word on how Venom will tie into the rebooted Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland but the two will surely cross paths at some point. There is also of course a long shot of a chance that like Spidey, Sony may licence out Venom to allow him to appear in the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe. One can dream.

We can only hope that Sony has learned from mistakes of the past and does the character justice this time around; and in case they need a quick refresher of what not to do:

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