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Get $10 Off Chromecast By Playing Along During New York Islanders Hockey Games


So you’re sitting at the New York Islanders hockey game and there’s a little bit of down time that you’re looking to kill. Your first instinct is to pull out your phone and go on Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat to see what’s new in people’s life. Google’s here to try and take up a bit more of your time while you wait to promote Chromecast. By promoting I mean inviting you to play a game with/against other people around you in the arena, after which you’ll receive a promo code for $10 off a Chromecast. It’s a campaign from PHD and Rehab Studio and the name of the game is called “Own the Ice.” This campaign first came up during the New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game on Tuesday March 7th.

To get to the game all you had to do was enter in the URL that was posted and then start playing. The way the game works is it’ll search for your location along with others in the same place you are, and you’ll be put against other fans. Next up everyone is put into four separate teams and what comes up next is you have to tap your phone screen for the next 90 seconds. Whether you win or lose the game, it looks like you’ll still receive a $10 off promo code for Chromecast.

Michael Jenkins, a communications strategist for Google said:

There are a lot of moments at live events where the action stops, and people all the sudden will start talking to each other or they pull out their phone trying to keep themselves entertained for a little bit.

He also went on saying:

This is the first time where we will have up to 18,000 people all experiencing Chromecast—we’re creating the biggest living room we’ve ever created.

Christina Gregory, innovations director from PHD said this idea for the game came from using Chromecast’s entertainment features.

We think that advertising for Google should be as fun and innovative as all their products. Rather than showing off the video or creating an ad, we wanted to create a useful, entertaining experience.

This campaign will continue to run through the rest of the Islanders season and Google hopes to run similar campaigns some time later this year. What are your thoughts about Google pushing out a fun little game to get you

  Source: Adweek  Source: Own The Ice
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