The Walking Dead Attraction Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood

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Fans of The Walking Dead that stuck around to watch Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick were let in on a bit of a surprise last night. A new attraction based on The Walking Dead will open at Universal Studios Hollywood in just a few short months. Very little was said about this attraction, though a teaser video was provided, which you can watch below. Keep reading after the video for a little bit of good old fashioned speculation about what this attraction may entail.

From the sound of things, the very easiest explanation for this attraction is that it’s simply a full-time version of the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house. Halloween Horror Nights is a wildly popular event, and they’ve had a haunted house for The Walking Dead each of the last few years both in Hollywood and Orlando. The Walking Dead haunted house often had some of the longer wait times of any of the haunted houses in Orlando (which I can attest to) over the past 3 years. With a full-time attraction, the park could more easily update the setting, scare actors, or plot points described throughout the year rather than trying to cram a full season of the show into one house.

It’s entirely possible — though honestly not particularly likely — that this attraction could stray from the source material and simply offer a generic zombie infestation experience based on the world of The Walking Dead. That seems like a waste of The Walking Dead branding though, so I wouldn’t expect them to go that route. The real question though, is whether or not we’ll see any current characters from the show appear in the attraction. The haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights only include characters that have, well, passed. Could this new attraction be a chance to see Rick and company take on the zombie horde before your very eyes? Only time will tell.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, does this new attraction make you want to run right out to Hollywood this summer to check it out? Or will you be waiting for more concrete information before buying your tickets? Let us know what you think in the comment section below or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.


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