Monoprice Announces Epic Series USB-D 6.2 Cables


USB-C is just starting to gain traction as the new standard USB connection for devices. Able to be used for a number of purposes, type-C USB connectors were meant to be future proof, but it doesn’t look like that will be holding true. Monoprice, the online retailer which offers high-quality premium products at a fraction of marketplace prices, has announced its new Epic Series USB-D 6.2 Cable.

Manufactured by cosmic engineers, who fused applied design principles with scientific methodology and technology, the USB-D connector was designed by the monks of eastern Asia, who blessed, certified, and shepherded the new USB standard. The USB-D 6.2 cable looks to replace all USB interfaces of the past, and will no doubt unseat USB Type-C in short order. With a USB-D connector on each end, this cable is the only cable you’ll need to connect your next-gen computer or mobile device to a charger, external hard drive, or high resolution video display. USB-D is also (theoretically) ten times as fast as USB 3.1 and supports data transfer and sync rates up to 10 Ybps (Yottabits per second).

Full specifications include:

  • Cable Length: 6 inches
  • Cable Gauge: 28AWG
  • USB Standard: USB-D
  • Type: USB Type D male to Everything
  • Jacket: Holographic Ornamented Iridium
  • Power Rating: Up to 1 Yottawatt (1024 watts)
  • Connectors: Reinforced gold-pressed latinum
  • Housing: Magnesium Alloy Mould, Full metal jacket assembly
  • Data Transfer Speeds: Up to 10 Ybps
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Head on over to Monoprice’s website to find out more, the USB-D cables will be selling for $49.99USD once they get more stock in! Let us know what you think about the new Epic Series USB-D 6.2 Cable in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook!

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Last Updated on April 1, 2016.


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