Somm By SYNEK Launches On Kickstarter, Wants To Change The Way You Drink Wine


It seems like only yesterday that our friends at SYNEK were trying to change the way you drink beer by allowing any beer to be poured from a machine on your counter top. Today, SYNEK has turned their attention to wine with Somm by SYNEK. The Somm Kickstarter launches today, and this new device wants to help you appreciate wine more by learning what you like and suggesting wine based on your preferences.

How does it do that, you might ask? Science and technology mostly but there’s probably a bit of magic in there too. We can get into some of the finer details for you here. Similar to how the SYNEK countertop beer system has a cartridge that keeps your beer fresh, Somm by SYNEK uses what they’re calling wine Sylos. These Sylos hold the equivalent of three bottles of wine, and will keep your wine fresh practically forever. The Sylo keeps your wine away from light, oxygen, and other impurities that might sour your experience.

The Sylo cartridge isn’t just the conveyance by which you’ll receive your wine, it’s also part of the brains of the operation. Each Sylo will contain an RFID chip that will tell Somm by SYNEK exactly how it should be delivered. Your Somm will chill the wine to its specified temperature, aerate as necessary, and deliver a perfect pour to improve your wine drinking experience.

Somm by SYNEK How does it work

SYNEK is working with Sommelier Denise Mueller to curate the wine offered for Somm. They are launching Somm with 30 different wines specifically chosen for their quality and will expand on their selection as more and more wineries come on board.

You can get in on the Somm by SYNEK Kickstarter right now, and save $100 off of the eventual retail price by locking in your backing now. For $199 you can still get in on the early adopters tier and SYNEK has promised that you’ll have your Somm by SYNEK before Christmas. If you aren’t too worried about getting the absolute first batch out the door you can still pay $199 and have your Somm by SYNEK well before it’s available to the general public. Kickstarter backers will also receive a discount on their initial Sylo orders.

This is another Kickstarter that is simply plowing through pledges, as they’ve raised nearly $60,000 in the two hours that the Kickstarter campaign has been active. Their goal is set at a reasonable $100,000, and there’s nothing that would lead me to believe that they won’t crush their goal and end up stretching far into any possible stretch goals they may come up with.

You can read all about the Somm by SYNEK on their Kickstarter page, and get in on the action for only $199. Tell us what you think about Somm in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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