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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Teases Return Of Harry Hart

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Taron Egerton, the dashing star of Kingsman: The Secret Service, posted a picture for the upcoming sequel – Kingsman: The Golden Circle on his Twitter account this week which teased the return of Colin Firth‘s beloved character, Harry Hart.

The Mark Twain (mis) quote leads us to believe that Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Valentine, didn’t quite get the job done despite shooting Hart in the head at essentially point blank range. Both writers from the original film, Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, have their work ahead of them to get around that major plot point.

As much as Hart was the classiest and most brutal Kingsman of the bunch, his return could prove to be a powerful overshadow of the work that Egerton’s character, Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, did in the original film. The first film explored the origins of Eggsy’s rise into the Kingsman organization and it appears that The Golden Circle will take us further down his path and into the modern-day spy era. In an interview with USA Today, Vaughn says:

The sequel will be ‘This is the modern-day gentleman spy.’ Because Harry isn’t. Harry even says, ‘There is a reason why we’ve developed weak chins.’ He said that meaning, ‘Look at us, we need to get new blood into this system,’ and that’s what Eggsy is. I joke that we’ve made the prequel to the Eggsy movie.

Harry Hart Kingsman: The Golden CircleKingsman: The Golden Circle is set to be released June 16, 2017 with Mark Strong returning as Merlin, Edward Holcroft as Charlie Hesketh, and of course Egerton as the main hero, Eggsy. Julianne Moore has signed on for the villain role, listed as “Poppy” on IMDB and Halle Berry is rumored to be in talks as well for a role.

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  Source: USA Today

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