Toast LG V10 Cover Review: A Wood Cover Fit For Your LG V10

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Everyone likes putting on different cases or covers on their phones to match their liking or style for that day. Now, if you’re getting tired of cases and want something different such as a skin cover, Toast is here to help you with that as they offer a wide variety of covers for your devices. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Toast made walnut cover for the LG V10. Let’s get to it.


The LG V10 already has a nice design to it and what Toast did with the wood cover for this device was make it look even nicer than before. There are four different wood options to choose from: ash, bamboo, ebony, or walnut. I choose the walnut version as it was more appealing to me, but ebony would have been next. No matter which wood cover you go with, your LG V10 will look stunning. Toast is aware of the issue that is going on with the proximity sensor not allowing the screen to come on in low light areas even though the front cover piece is not blocking light source.


Alright, so to start off, please read the instructions carefully if this is your first time putting on a Toast cover. It’s not as hard as it seems to put it on, but the instructions are there for you to help, since this is a one-time installation. If you mess up the first time, your cover will likely be ruined. Putting on the back cover was the easiest because all you’re doing is lining it up edge to edge. Now, you don’t have to do this, but I didn’t think about it until after the back piece was on. I had the battery cover on the device and then put on the Toast cover, but it’ll be a little easier to take off the battery cover, then put on the Toast cover. After getting the back on, sides were next. This was another easy install as you’re just folding the sides down once lined up. I didn’t have much trouble with the sides, but I felt like they were off as it didn’t fully cover the sides from the front of the phone to the back. It might have been my OCD kicking in, but they all might be like this. Next was the top of the device. Line up the holes and top piece with the sides. Bottom was after that, then the front of the device. I did accidentally tear the bottom piece due it being super thin around the charging port, but you don’t notice it if you’re not looking at the bottom of the device. Putting on the camera lens was probably second easiest as you’re just lining up the piece.


Toast does an excellent job providing enough protection to the device, but do remember this isn’t an actual case for your V10, but nevertheless it’ll still offer enough protection as a feather case.


For $34.99 you are getting what you paid for. Toast really did an excellent job at making the cost of the cover very inexpensive for those that aren’t looking to spend a lot on a wood cover. The price can go up from there if you do want to add sketching or custom text. It’s $5 for either one, but regardless it’s still inexpensive.

Wrap Up

As I’ve said before, you’re not paying a crazy amount of money to buy a wood cover for your V10 and make it look stylish. I did however hit a few bumps, which of course I did speak of one and that was the bottom piece ripping. The other two I had was lint kept getting stuck to the device. The instructions say it’ll take a few days for the adhesive to stick and not catch lint, but that wasn’t the case for me. No harm, no foul as I still enjoy the cover. The last hiccup I hit was trying to charge the device. I had to find a charger that was small enough to charge the phone as some kept popping out of the USB port due to the cover. No matter what way you look at it, again, Toast did a wonderful job with cover.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Toast LG V10 cover for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on August 19, 2017.


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