OtterBox Symmetry Review: Slim Yet Tough OtterBox Protection

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OtterBox is often thought of as these massive bulky and awkward protective cases for your device that are well suited to construction workers. While it is true that the company makes some amazing heavy duty cases for phones. The company also makes slimmer cases that don’t add crazy amount of weight and bulk. Often in my case reviews I refer to something I call “OtterBox protection,” it goes something like this: “the (insert case name here) offers great protection but it’s not as heavy duty as OtterBox protection.” Well, OtterBox has apparently been reading my reviews and they contacted me to ask if I knew they offered more than huge bulky cases and if I’d like to take a look at one… and that brings us to the OtterBox Symmetry series review.


The Symmetry series isn’t much different from other iPhone case designs, it’s nice, somewhat plain but they do offer a few colors and patterns if you’re interested in that. The back of the case is a glossy plastic TPU material which I wish had been matte as I am not a huge fan of glossy. The OtterBox logo is engraved in the back and it’s tastefully done. The openings for the Lightning cable and headphones is nice and big, and most 3rd party cables should fit fine.


The buttons have nice tactile feedback and work smoothly. They are also raised, helping to let you know by feel where the buttons are. The front of the case has a nice raised lip that protects the screen. Many cases these days have this type of lip but the Symmetry’s lip is a bit more exaggerated and really wraps around the front of the glass offering better protection than most. Overall the design is really nice, plain yet attractive and there are some choices.


Like most cases, the OtterBox Symmetry is a simply place and snap in design and not at all hard to install.


With the raised lip taking care of the front of the iPhone the rest of your device is protected by a great drop resistant shell. OtterBox is known for their protective cases and they provide that in spades even with this slimmer case. This is one of the best and slimmest cases you can get that will offer a high end protection value.


The suggested retail price of the OtterBox Symmetry case is $49.95 but you can pick it up on Amazon right now for $24.99, which is totally worth it.

Wrap Up

Need a super protective case with a slim profile? Then the Symmetry series is for you.

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*We were sent a review sample of the OtterBox Symmetry for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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