Conversations On Dredd Series Are Happening

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For anyone that dreads sequel rumors, Dredd 2 has to be a frequent sore spot. The 2012 blockbuster flop turned cult classic film has had more than its fair share of turns around the rumor mill for a revival and the whispers have recently had a reason to get stronger.

Karl Urban, who starred as the titular character, has recently appeared as a guest on a solo panel at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. When asked about a possible series, Urban reportedly confirmed that things are currently being discussed.

Urban has previously confirmed on multiple occasions that he would be willing to reprise his role as Judge Dredd.

Before Deadpool made R ratings cool, Dredd broke into the comic book movie scene as a reboot of the original Judge Dredd. Despite having a better time at the box office and featuring an action movie A-lister, Judge Dredd wasn’t received well among the comic book fans. The reboot would flounder in the box office but gain cult status with fans going so far as to create a ‘Day of Dredd‘ to honor the film and hope that the film financing gods would look kindly upon them and bless the creators with money to film a sequel. A webpage dedicated to gathering support in the form of signatures and other social media campaigns have also been put together to spread the word.

With previous hopes being dashed time and time again, it’s hard to be anything more than cautiously optimistic that there will be any traction on the new talks. Maybe with all of the recent success of comic book movies there is more than just hope for Dredd 2.

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