Evodesk Standing Desk Announces Deskshields, Protect And Decorate Your Desk


Standing desks are great for getting you up and off of your butt, and stretching your legs while you’re using your computer. Standing desks are a definite investment though, and they deserve to be protected. Evodesk is an attractive option when it comes to standing desks, with plenty of features allowing you to tailor the entire desk to your liking. Today, Evodesk has announced Deskshields, yet another way for you to customize your desk and add an additional layer of protection.

Similar to a skin for your cell phone, Deskshields wrap around your Evodesk providing protection and decoration in any number of different designs.

Deskshields provide a durable “second skin” made of premium vinyl that protects your desk while making it your own. Created with a unique digital print technology and available in hundreds of high-def graphic designs, Deskshields have the power to transform the appearance of a recycled wood desk into anything from stunning Brazilian rosewood to colorful geometric patterns to tranquil ocean landscapes or even full color family portraits.

Evo desk offers a desktop made out of an incredibly sustainable material: Wheatboard. You can read about how it is made, and what Deskshields can do to make it look more interesting below.

This new substrate is made from wheat stalks, an agricultural byproduct usually burned after the edible part of the plant is harvested. Reduce deforestation, air pollution and landfill use while providing an ideal blank canvas for your unique design. Rare woods from the Amazon rainforest that can’t be bought, or reclaimed wood without the splinters: enjoy recreated unique and luxurious desktop surfaces that are only possible with Deskshield digital printing technology.

The Deskshield itself is durable, made from automotive-grade cast vinyl. If that weren’t enough, a thick layer of laminate is applied to give each Deskshield an even more durable finish. The design is printed in 1440 dpi resolution, ensuring that no matter what design you choose, it will look great.

You can take a look at some of the available designs in the gallery below:

Deskshields will be available from Evodesk starting today. If you don’t have an Evodesk, you aren’t out of luck. Deskshields are available in multiple shapes and sizes to fit most any piece of office furniture. Each Deskshield is designed, printed, and cut in the US, at Evodesk’s office just outside of Austin, Texas.

You can pick up a Deskshield of your very own along with your Evodesk starting as low as a $139 add-on to the price of the desk. You can get more information at the source link below.

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