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Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer In Market Share

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Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer in total market share by a slim margin of 41.71% over 41.31%, putting more pressure on Microsoft. I know what you’re thinking. Google Chrome wasn’t already the market share leader in Internet browsers? Well it seems it wasn’t and this is the first time it has taken the top spot. Internet Explorer has gotten most of its market share from being pre-loaded on new Windows devices and for the most part, users just used it and didn’t bother searching for a new alternative. But times have changed, people are getting more intuitive and inquisitive and are downloading Google Chrome more than ever.

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Microsoft has attempted to turn its image around and released the Edge browser with Windows 10 but the adoption rate of Edge hasn’t been that great. Being the default pre-loaded browser on PC’s is no longer a sure bet for Microsoft that users will use that particular software. Google has also been pushing Chrome within its search engine, prompting Internet Explorer users to install Google Chrome for a better browsing experience.

Recently Microsoft pulled Cortana compatibility from everything but Edge and Bing taking the search assistant away from users who were using Chrome. Microsoft says this is an effort to streamline and give the user the best possible experience with Cortana as they can. Others point to other reasons Microsoft pulled Cortana compatibility, like the fact Google Chrome has taken the top slot. Whatever reasons Microsoft has for doing what they do, it is clear they’re losing ground on their own turf and if they want to gain it back they’ll have to produce something better than Google’s offering.

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