Two Versions Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Are Being Rumored This Year

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It will hardly be a surprise when Samsung takes the stage later this year to announce the sixth iteration of their once-mocked, now-beloved phablet, the Galaxy Note. What would be surprising, is if the new rumors about there being two distinct versions of the device are true. Storage and color varieties are common, but this would go well beyond that with each version representing different power, resolution, and most likely, price points.

While anything about the Note is pure speculation at this point with the official announcement months away, one only needs to look to previous cycles to make educated guesses about what the new flagship will be packing. As of now, the Note 6 is said to be packing the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 along with 6GB of RAM. The screen would grow slightly from the current 5.7″ to 5.8″ and of course the S Pen and Samsung’s current design language found in the S7/edge all will be making an appearance. There is also a good chance that the SD slot will make a return. Alongside this powerhouse, Samsung might be developing a “Lite” version that will be lesser in specs but no slouch. The screen will remain at 5.8″ but the resolution will be lowered to 1080p. Powering the phone would be the current Snapdragon 820 with RAM being capped at 4GB. S Pen functionality would remain and there is no word on any camera, battery or difference in ports. Overall it all sounds like the current Galaxy S7 in a larger package and with Samsung’s very useful stylus.

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Samsung is not known to shy away from experimentation, releasing multiple versions of devices, usually varying in screen sizes. What is odd however, is that a “Lite” version of a device is still packing so much punch. We have seen other companies rely on Snapdragon 600,400 and 200 series chips for less powerful variants of their phones, so Samsung going with an 820 is an unusual choice. As is the relatively massive amount of RAM.

As of now this is all fun speculation and collection of wishlists, we still have some time and numerous leaks to look forward to before anything official is announced. Do you want to see a Samsung Galaxy Note “Lite?” Let us know in the comment section below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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