Gboard Aims To Bring iOS Users Back To Google Search


Google Gboard was released into the wilds of the iOS toting world today and that didn’t go over too well with the Android faithful. Many Android users are upset that yet another Google app was released on iOS first over Google’s own operating system. Gboard is a nifty new iOS keyboard that allows you to perform and get search results straight from your iOS device. No need to open a browser and search if you’re inside another app, just search from that app using Gboard. Innovation at its best and on iPhone first.

But there’s a reason why Google released Gboard on iOS first and perhaps may never release this on Android at all. Gboard is designed to wrangle iOS users back into Google search and steer them away from Apple’s Safari browser and Bing search. It’s a strategic move to gain back the little bit of user base they may have lost when Apple went with Bing search over Google. It makes sense, why not? This is a world filled with competition and each company has to do what they have to do to remain on top.

While Android users are a bit miffed at no Gboard for Android, they can probably rest easy and expect to see the feature baked into the Google Keyboard at some point in the future. Right now Android users are already using Google search and Google isn’t likely going to release a second keyboard app for Android. It makes more sense for them to bake it into their existing Android keyboard after they get some testing done on iOS, while gaining back some search users. Besides, Android has Now On Tap (thanks Alvin for that reminder).

So don’t stress too much Android users, Google isn’t trying to piss you off. They’re just doing business and staying in the heat of the competition.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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