Google Spaces Unveiled, Where Do They Fit In?


Google has never been shy about creating new products. Even products that overlap or even directly compete with other Google products. The latest head scratcher out of Mountain View was announced today. Google Spaces is a new app that, at first glance, looks to be an amalgamation of Hangouts and Google+ Communities, with a sprinkling of messaging on top.

In the official announcement, Spaces is touted as “a tool for small group sharing.” No word on how small or large that group can be, but both Hangouts and Google+ Communities are certainly tools for small group sharing. The downside for those apps would be that you would occasionally need to switch between several different apps in order to share something. Spaces comes with Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube baked in, so there’s less switching between apps — provided that you’re sharing something that can be found via those channels.

With the capabilities of Chrome, YouTube, and Search all part of the app, finding and sharing content to spaces is easy.

Google Spaces_00_Posting

Once you’ve found and shared your content, you can see what other people are saying about it via the app and notifications.

Google Spaces_01_content_viewer

Since it’s a Google product, search should be pretty robust too.

Google Spaces_02_retrieval_search

Google also claims that Spaces are hyper-focused on specific topics. Where other conversation mediums may eventually break down into side chats or even entirely different topics, Spaces is said to keep things flowing. I’ll believe that when I see it, but it’s certainly a nice sentiment.

Inviting friends to your spaces should be quick and easy too, with invites coming through sources such as e-mail, messaging, or even other social media.

Google has even mentioned in their official announcement that Google I/O attendees should be sure to give Spaces a look before the show opens:

We’ll also be experimenting with Spaces this week at Google I/O. We’ve created a space for each session so that developers can connect with each other and Googlers around topics at I/O, and we’ve got a few surprises too. If you’re joining us in person at I/O, make sure you install Spaces on Android or iOS before you arrive!

You can check out whether or not Spaces is available for you yet at the link below. Are you excited to give Google Spaces a try? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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