Meizu Gravity: Meizu Taps U.S. Market For The First Time


If you’re not familiar with Meizu they’re a Chinese consumer electronics maker with some awesome Android devices that sell well in China and other countries. We’ve had the opportunity, at past CES events, to handle Meizu phones and they’re most certainly a quality build. Meizu smartphones can be purchased and imported from China but the company hasn’t attempted to sell them in the U.S. due to some legal issues with “other” smartphone makers. Now the company wants to break into the U.S. market, but they’re not doing it with a smartphone. Meizu has opted to launch an Indiegogo campaign for a very elegant looking Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker, the Meizu Gravity.


First use of prism refraction in a wireless speaker and special coating, “Half Mirror”. What stands out most on the Gravity wireless speaker is the prism that we used as part of its stylish design. This prism, which is the first ever used on a wireless speaker, creates the illusion that it’s floating above the ground. Using a complex optical reflection formula, we created a stunning heads-up display that displays all your track information. To retain the beauty of the prism, we didn’t want to show a black box inside of it when the screen is not lit. Solving this problem was not easy, but finally, we were able to solve it by using a new type of coating. It also removes the background behind the displayed text. We call it “Half Mirror”.


Although the Gravity might look great, looking good is not enough for a wireless speaker. Sound quality is of utmost importance, but getting great sound from a small-sized speaker is not easy. Fortunately, Meizu and Dirac have 20 years of experience in acoustical engineering. By working together with Dirac, we were able to create a perfect balance between design and sound. We designed custom speakers specifically for the Gravity which include a dual passive resonance membrane for a more vigorous low-frequency output. The amplifier is the latest 5-series chip from Texas Instruments, providing a purer and clearer sound. We improved the sound quality even further by including Dirac HD Sound on hardware level.


How can the Gravity wireless speaker be a part of your life? In the past, it was very difficult to hook up your wireless speaker to your music library. Naturally, solving this problem was an important factor during Gravity’s development. We simplified the Wi-Fi connection setup to just 3 steps using the Gravity app. Aside from Wi-Fi, we also integrated an AUX-in port and Bluetooth connectivity for even greater versatility.

This is certainly a unique looking speaker and if you’re interested in backing their Indiegogo campaign, just hit the link below.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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