Waze Carpool Now Testing In Bay Area


Google is on a roll rolling out new apps and services today, first Google Spaces now Waze Carpool is testing in the Bay Area. With services like Lyft and Uber becoming popular it makes sense for Google to get into the action. Waze has been under Google’s wing for some time now and is generally left alone to operate as they did before Google bought them out. Waze Carpool could be a great idea which could alleviate pollution and our impact on the earth. The company is actively seeking out people to join the Waze Carpool program on their website.

For years, Waze has established a trusted community of drivers, with millions of Wazers helping each other beat traffic on the fastest routes. Since so many people are already using Waze to get to work, why not help a fellow commuter heading in the same direction? That’s what Waze Carpool is all about.

Waze Carpool is currently available by invite-only to a select group of employers and their commuters in the Bay Area.
Riders: If your employer is in the pilot, download Waze Rider today and register with your corporate email. No pilot access? Register below and you’ll be the first to know when we grow the community and accept more riders.

Waze Carpool

Right now Waze Carpool is in a test period in the Bay Area but if successful let’s hope that Google can implement the program in other metropolitan areas that could benefit from ride sharing type offerings. It will be interesting to see how this affects Uber and Lyft as well, it might not at all but I’m thinking there will be a slight chance of some overlap.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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