Google Home May Be Announced At I/O


Rumors have been stirring that Google was working on a project called Chirp. Now it seems those rumors may be true but the actual consumer product will be called Google Home. Amazon has been successful with its Alexa Echo and has also just released their Tap and Dot devices for more choices. Amazon is expanding Alexa integration to third party devices such as the Invoxia Triby and Google Home would be looking to compete in this space in order to keep users in the Google ecosystem. Google Home is likely going to be able to do pretty much whatever Echo and Tap and Dot can do, though it’s likely not going to be able to interface with your Amazon account like the latter do.

The device is said to be gearing up for a fall launch, confirming the earlier report that it will be released within the year. The early announcement of the device at the I/O Conference will probably serve as a warning to the popular Amazon Echo, launched less than two years ago but already sold about 3 million devices. In addition, making developers aware of such an upcoming device could have them start creating a software to go with Google Home so that they will be ready once the hardware is officially launched.

It isn’t clear if Google Home is a serious venture or just another Google beta project that might be left on the wayside. The company is notorious for starting something new then letting it slowly phase out and out of the minds of consumers. Competition is always a healthy thing for innovation though, so maybe Google Home will push Amazon to make its Alexa devices that much better. We do know there are more third party Alexa devices coming and maybe Google Home is heading in that direction in the future, we really can’t tell.

What do you think of a possible Google Home device and service? Is this another experiment from Google? Or a serious product? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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