Adobe Introducing Content-Aware Crop To Photoshop CC


If you’ve used Adobe Photoshop, you’re no doubt familiar with their Content-Aware technology which includes Content-Aware fills, scaling, healing, and other options. Content-Aware is a feature that will fill in a section of an image based on the surrounding image for more seamless fixes.

One of the main issues that can arise with working with images is cropping. If you need to adjust the horizon, or rotate the image while cropping, Photoshop currently constrains the crop to within the borders of the image so you don’t end up with white areas outside the edge of the image. According to Adobe, one of the most requested features users are asking for is adding Content-Aware technology to the crop tool, and it’s coming soon to Photoshop CC and Creative Cloud subscribers.

With Content-Aware Crop, Photoshop looks at all the pixels around the edges of your image and automatically, seamlessly fills in the blank space with content when you expand or rotate an image. Here’s how you will be able to use it:

  • Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground
  • Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image
  • Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels

Check out the sorcery feature below:

Are you looking forward to the  Content-Aware Crop feature coming soon to Photoshop CC? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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