Android Neyyappam? How’s That For A Name?

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Android Neyyappam. That’s what the government of Kerala, a state in the southern part of India, wants the next version of Android to be named. India is a large consumer of Android and Google products and it makes perfect sense that they would petition Google to be a bit more creative this time around. Before we continue, Kerala is located in the southern end of India along the Malabar coast. The people of that region are called the Malayali and we picked up this story from a native Malayalee, Saumya Soman from She writes in her post:

Personally I do connect with Neyyappam, maybe because I am a Malayalee and I would be lying if I’d say that I am not excited! In an instant I began to have visions of writing about the Android Neyyappam updates and people discussing about “Neyyappam” and me boastfully enlightening them about the sweet appam. The last time I experienced a similar feeling was when A.R Rahman’s chartbuster “Jiya Jale” had Malayalam lyrics! (People still ask me what the lyrics mean!)

“It’s is a great idea although initially people may find it difficult to pronounce it the right way, but I am sure Neyyappam is bound to generate a lot of curiosity about the dish and its origins,” says Sarang Somaraj, UX Designer at Swiggy. Echoing the similar opinion, Mohammed Mayan, Area Vendor Manager at Swiggy adds, “It’s a fairly simple and unique name. A name like Nutella is universal but lacks a unique identity. If Google agrees to Neyyappam, not only will the popularity of the dish increase but will also help in boosting tourism”.

“Neyyappam is a sweet rice-based fritter fried in ghee. Neyyappam has it’s origins to the southern Indian state of Kerala and is a signature food of Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala, as per K. T. Achaya. It is also popular in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.”

While most of us (in the U.S.) haven’t a clue how to pronounce the name, personally I think it would be refreshing to see Google with an unconventional name for Android N. We’re not sure if this will take off or not but we wish the people of India all the luck getting this through Google’s hands!

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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