Facebook & Microsoft Partner For “MAREA” Sub-Atlantic Internet Cable

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We’re all spending more and more time online, and companies are doing everything they can to make that experience better. To that end, Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to build “MAREA,” the highest-capacity subsea Internet cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Both companies have received clearance for the cable, which will run from Virgina Beach, Virgina to Bilbao, Spain.

In the statement from Microsoft, they tout the ability for MAREA to help to meet the “growing customer demand for high speed, reliable connections for cloud and online services for Microsoft, Facebook and their customers.” Microsoft’s cloud services include Azure, Bing, Xbox Live, Office 365 and Skype. Facebook obviously has the most popular social network in the world, and have recently rolled out their Facebook Live video streaming service.


MAREA is said to be the highest capacity cable to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and that designation is achieved by including eight fiber pairs and an initial estimated capacity of 160Tbps. The companies have designed the cable in a manner to achieve lower costs and easier upgrades.

Microsoft and Facebook designed MAREA to be interoperable with a variety of networking equipment. This new “open” design brings significant benefits for customers: lower costs and easier equipment upgrades which leads to faster growth in bandwidth rates since the system can evolve at the pace of optical technology innovation. This is critical to ensure the Microsoft Cloud continuously improves to provide the highest availability and performance our customers need for their mission-critical workloads and data.

There’s a reason for the location of the cable too. Most current undersea cables crossing the Atlantic are farther North, in the New York area. Microsoft believes that choosing a location farther away from these cables will provide a better experience and more reliable connections for their customers.

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