Infographic: The Future Of Video, How Powerful Is It?


Video has always been a powerful medium in which to tell a story or deliver an idea or pitch a product to users. Not only does it stimulate our sense of sight but it also plays on our sense of sound as well as emotions. Video can make some people make a decision about a certain product and even influence an opinion on certain matters. One Productions put together an infographic about the future of video and some highlights on how powerful video can be, take a look at the infographic below.

courtesy one productions

As you can see, visual content is a useful tool for marketers as well as content creators. We recognize the importance of visual content and we’re actively working on finding ways to create great video content for our readers here at Techaeris. One Productions is estimating a huge increase in video consumption by the year 2019 and that seems like a fair assessment.

While people will continue to read text based articles, many people prefer to view news and content via video. This is why YouTube is one of the largest “search engines” out there right now. People can’t get enough visual content and they want more.

Visual content is also another way for advertisers to make their way into user’s devices and market their wares. Many of the larger YouTube channels with millions of hits have ads that do not have the “Skip Ad” option which makes the content producer more revenue. Of course YouTube now offers YouTube Red which takes away those pesky ads for a price of course.

What do you think of the future of video online? Are we moving primarily to a visual consumption stage? Or do you think reading content will continue to be just as popular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments  below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Be sure to check out One Productions on their website.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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