Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle Review: Simple, Effective Charging Stand

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Most users are content to charge their smartphones with a simple USB cable. For those that want something more however, there are smartphone cradles available for docking your phone on your desk or nightstand. Our Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle review takes a look at one such offering from Seidio for smartphones with a USB-C port.


The Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle features a super simple design, after all there’s really not much you can do with a cradle. There is a female USB-C port at the back for connecting the cradle to a wall outlet, and a USB-C male connector sitting on the top of the cradle. Along the middle of the cradle is a fairly short ridge which props your smartphone up when it is docked on the cradle. The USB-C male connector swivels back towards this ridge to accommodate whatever phone you use.

Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle.

The cradle itself is black, with the Seidio logon on the upper right corner beside the green power light indicator. The bottom has two rubber strips for added grip on a desk or other flat surface. The cradle also has a nice weight to it and feels well made.

I used the cradle with my Nexus 6P in the Seidio Surface case, and it fit well and I had no issues with the phone remaining standing. I did try a couple other cases as well, and had no issues for the most part but depending on the thickness and bulk of your phone case you may run into issues. Of course Seidio says it works best with their Surface case, and given that that case is currently my favourite (it did get our Top Pick award after all), I don’t have an issue with their recommendation.

Nexus 6P with Seidio Surface case on the desktop charging cradle.

Ease of Use

The Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle really couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug a USB-C cable into the back of the cradle and plug the other end, whether it be USB-C or USB-A into a wall charger, into the wall. Set the charging cradle on your desk, table, or nightstand and place your phone onto the USB-C connector on the top of the cradle and that’s about it.


At $29.95 the cradle is definitely more expensive than just using USB-C cables to charge your device, but it’s reasonably priced if you’re looking for a simple, well constructed stand for your smartphone, large or small.


The Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle is a solid smartphone cradle for charging your phone while being able to easily see the screen.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Seidio USB-C Desktop Charging Cradle for the purposes of this review.

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