This One Of A Kind Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Isn’t Yours

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Buying a Ferrari isn’t something your average person goes out and does on a whim. The price tag on any number of models can reach well into the price of a home, depending on where you live. There are those of us who can’t buy a Ferrari, those who can, and only one that bought a one of a kind Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. This machine was crafted by the company to be the only one in existence, and one British man is now the proud owner of this sexy beast. The price tag on this particular Ferrari wasn’t disclosed but Bloomberg estimates similar models run upwards of $300,000.


courtesy Bloomberg

Ferrari said the press-shy client had requested that the front of the car resemble a visor, so this 458 MM Speciale has a black-painted A-pillar that blends the front into a single seamless glass surface and wraps around the entire windshield and side windows. The effect makes the roof look lower and sleeker than that of the standard-issue 458.

Also new for this bespoke model are updated carbon-fiber bumpers in the front and rear; unique rims; and modified bodywork with fresh aluminum accents and a new side air scoop. The tail end has a functional spoiler that also conveniently completes the car’s elegant line from front to rear. The exterior paint is called Bianco Italia, and the color detailing is an homage to the Italian flag.



courtesy Bloomberg

Whoever the buyer is, he is certainly going to have something to show off to his friends and has bragging rights to owning the only one of its kind in the world. We certainly wouldn’t mind owning this machine but we’ll have to settle for drooling over it.

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  Source: Bloomberg

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