Classic Hits: Remake or Remix?


Many of us love the music (and remakes) from the 80s and 90s (without actually revealing our age), so it’s difficult for us to accept when a newer artist decides to pay a ‘tribute’ to the original artists by reworking their songs to sound more modern. It’s a form of flattery that may work in their favor or may turn off the hardcore listeners completely. I decided to ‘start’ a list here of music I enjoy that got remade or remixed. I say start because this is definitely not the best of or the all of it list, I will be doing several follow up posts to it but feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section.

Let’s start with the unmistakable Marilyn Manson. He did a few great remakes including The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams but my favorite of his is the remake of the Soft Cell 1981 hit, a remake of the 1965 classic Tainted Love by Gloria Jones.

Next up is my favorite rendition of the 1987 Michael Jackson hit Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm in 2001. The video paid homage to the King of Pop with several MJ references including the impossibly difficult forward lean in the original video and the Moonwalker movie in 1988. It shot them up to the high spots of a lot of charts in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and US Modern Rock.

My next favorite is by Lebanese-Canadian Karl Wolf based out of Toronto. His 2008 hit Africa put his own spin on the Toto classic.

My personal favorite is the Bodybangers Remix:

The song I Feel Love by Donna Summer was technically out in 1977 but was a hit well into the 80s, and my favorite remix of it is by the Vegas sensation Blue Man Group with Venus Hum.

I want to finish out this list with one from the 1995 by Corona called Baby Baby, which was a cover from Joy & Joyce’s 1991 hit Babe Babe. My favorite remix of this is by Sunblock featuring Sandy.

Honorable Mention: Nonpoint’s remake of the Phil Collins hit In The Air Tonight.

Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list, I will be coming back with more of my favorites soon, feel free to add your own in the comments below. or let us know on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook what your favourite remixes are.


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