Rumor: Apple iPhone 7 with dual SIMs?

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Just when you thought leaks and rumors may have peaked with regards to the upcoming iPhone, here comes the claims that Apple is using dual SIMs in the iPhone 7 and will keep the headphone jack. The rumor that Apple would be ditching the headphone jack crept up several months ago and it generated a mixed buzz from users. Apple has ditched popular hardware in the past such as the optical drive on their laptops.

Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop based in China’s Ganzhou, has recently been posting photos of alleged iPhone 7 components. One of these is apparently the 4.7-inch model’s Lightning cable assembly which, contrary to what we’ve been hearing before, still has a headphone jack attached to it.

The more intriguing part of this latest rumor is the inclusion of dual SIMs in the iPhone 7. This is a brand new rumor and the same repair shop Engadget sources is posting pictures of what they say are iPhone components with dual SIMs.

Dual SIMs are popular outside of the United States where users tend to travel between countries more often and may need to use different carriers. Of course this is just a rumor as everything else has been but it could be a good idea for Apple to incorporate.

Including dual SIMs into the phone is certainly going to make things easier for overseas users and American users who travel a lot. There may be a section of people in the EU and beyond who haven’t purchased an iPhone because it didn’t support dual SIMs. Of course we’ll have to wait until September to really find out if the headphone jack lives and if dual SIMs are a thing.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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