OITNB fans are repeat offenders


As we’ve previously mentioned from time to time, Netflix has a treasure trove of viewing stats for shows on the streaming service. It turns out that fans of the Netflix original, Orange is the New Black, are repeat offenders when it comes to re-watching the original series.

Netflix looked at viewing in over 190 countries and found that 53% of OITNB viewers have re-watched at least one season of the series. With re-watching peaking in June ahead of the next season being released, most viewers watch the last three episodes of a season to refresh themselves. The most re-watched episode still happens to be the debut episode: Season 1, Episode 1.

“Of course people are re-watching – some things are so nice, you want to like them twice. With the exception of Suzanne’s erotic space novel and Toddlers & Tiaras.” said Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, President of the TV at Litchfield Penitentiary.

Some stats about Canadian OITNB fans:

  • 42% said they planned to re-watch all seasons
  • Close to half of respondents (43%) said they will start preparing for the new season (S4) last week, and Canadian fans are willing to give up house chores to do so — cleaning the house (41%) and making your bed (38%)
  • Outside of refreshing their memory, 33% said they like to re-watch to relive moments with their favourite characters and 30% said they look for possible foreshadowing
  • 28% said they re-watch because it’s their favourite show and they can’t get enough
  • It can be lonely in Litchfield. Over one third of Canadian respondents (32%) said they plan to re-watch by themselves.
OITNB fans are repeat offenders…

Curious to know what the most re-watched episodes are? Check out the list from Netflix below:

Season 1:

  • Episode 1 – “I wasn’t ready”
    Sentenced to fifteen months for a crime committed in her youth, Piper Chapman leaves her supportive fiance Larry for her new home: a woman’s prison.
  • Episode 12 – “Fool me once”
    Painful truths reorient several relationships and careers: Pennsatucky feels disrespected by Piper; Larry gives a revealing radio interview.
  • Episode 13 – “Can’t fix crazy”
    Red’s scheme to reclaim her kitchen backfires; the inmates stage a Christmas pageant; Piper’s plans unravel even as she realizes her life is in jeopardy,

Season 2:

  • Episode 11 – “Take a break from your values”
    Piper is shocked at an unexpected change in her status; Soso’s hunger strike attracts new support that takes on a religious fervor.
  • Episode 12 – “It was the change”
    Tensions run high as a prison power outage forces several issues to come to light; Piper finds herself compromised and is forced to think on her feet.
  • Episode 13 – “We have manners. We’re polite”
    Several futures hang in the balance as the inmates face and confront their worst nightmares: Life will never be the same again.

Season 3:

  • Episode 11 – “We can be heroes”
    Caputo and Piper confront labor issues. A miracle occurs in Norma’s group. Crazy Eyes’ erotica winds up in the hands of the staff.
  • Episode 12 – “Don’t make me come back there”
    Daya goes into labor. Sophia suffers a hate crime. Stella helps Piper with a business snag. Taystee takes on a new role.
  • Episode 13 – “Trust no bitch”
    Miracles and conversions occur, but Piper and Caputo know that some situations can’t be dealt with through spiritual means.
…and will give up cleaning to have more time to rewatch.

Orange is the New Black season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. Have you re-watched previous seasons of Orange is the new Black? If so, how many times? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on June 23, 2016.


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